In multi-unit buildings there are conduits for heating and air conditioning, gas, plumbing, electrical, and lighting. This creates a passageway for bed bugs to move easily from unit to unit. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs do not only live in your bed. They also live in cracks and crevices, electrical and lighting outlets, and switch plates. Don't allow someone else's problem to migrate to you. Sealing up your home or office is one of the only lines of defense. We install a breathable mesh material behind vents in the kitchen and bathroom if needed. We seal baseboard molding throughout apartment. Voids around heating pipes are sealed up with expandable foam and fire-retardant caulking. We meticulously seal up all electrical outlets and switch plate covers. Wall voids, any cracks around window sills, and moldings are all sealed. In addition, any wall voids around plumbing in kitchens and bathrooms will be sealed.